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The Rice Diet Program is a medically proven program for weight reduction. It is the fastest and surest way to better health and permanent weight loss. We consider the problem of overweight a very serious health problem.

The amount of weight an individual will lose depends on initial weight, gender, age and ability to exercise. The average initial weight for women is 204 pounds, and for men, 266 pounds. The average weight loss in the first week was 9 pounds for women and 13 pounds for men, but some patients have lost over 30 pounds in the first week. In four weeks, women lost an average of 19 pounds and men an average of 29 pounds. Some particularly patients have lost over 90 pounds in the first four weeks.

Most patients can expect to lose an average of 1/3 to 1/2 pound/day depending on the amount of exercise they do. One 61-year-old-man, who could not walk because of hip pain, swam daily and lost 147 pounds in eight months (0.6 pounds per day). A 25 year old man, who exercised four to five hours per day, lost 229 pounds in 210 days (1.1 pounds per day). Greater daily losses are usually related to loss of fluid accumulation (edema); one such lady lost 183 pounds in 81 days (about 2.3 pounds per day).

The important thing is not what you weigh when you leave the Program, but what you weigh years later. 63% of patients who could be contacted after one year reported weighing the same or less than they did when they left the Program. After 6 years, 43% of patients who could be contacted reported weighing the same or less than they did when they left the Program. These success rates are far higher than are reported by others. We believe long-term success is due to the Diet and the approaches and skills that you learn during your stay when you attend the Rice Diet Program.


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