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Diseases the Rice Diet Can Help Reverse & Prevent

The Rice Diet Program is well known for its unsurpassed treatment of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Under the watchful eye of our expert medical staff, participants’ results can be dramatic. The Rice Diet reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, heart size, weight and abnormal blood sugars, thus often reducing or eliminating the need for medications. Most participants say they feel better than they have in years after only three or four days on the Diet.

Obesity     Learn More
The Rice Diet Program is a medically proven program for weight reduction. It is the fastest and surest way to better health and permanent weight loss.

Diabetes     Learn More
The results in patients with diabetes are particularly impressive. Not only are there beneficial effects on blood sugar and need for medication, but there may also be beneficial effects on eye and kidney complications that can occur with diabetes.

Heart Disease     Learn More
The Rice Diet is the definitive treatment for coronary artery disease. It relieves the symptoms of coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, and congestive heart failure, usually making drugs unnecessary.

Hypertension     Learn More
The Rice Diet is an extremely effective treatment for high blood pressure. On the Diet, many patients can completely stop their medications with the same or better control of the blood pressures.

But you don’t have to be sick to benefit from the Rice Diet Program. The Diet also prevents the diseases it treats. The Rice Diet and other low-fat, high-fiber diets are also thought to reduce the risk of cancer and augment the immune system.

Live Webcast Reversing Diabetes: Power of Lifestyle Choices

Wed., July 13 at 6 p.m. EDT

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To be successful with any long-term lifestyle change you need a healthy diet that's easy to follow, exercise and a strong support system.

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