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The Rice Diet is an extremely effective treatment for high blood pressure. On the Diet, many patients can completely stop their medications with the same or better control of their blood pressures. In a review of our recent patients, we found that medication could be stopped completely in 68% and decreased in an additional 24%.

Though many medicines are available for the treatment of hypertension and randomized trials have shown that lowering the blood pressure of even mildly hypertensive patients reduces the chance of strokes and prolongs life, the medications themselves may cause problems. Many patients experience unpleasant side effects such as fatigue, weakness and sexual dysfunction. Some medications cause increases in cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid and may even cause premature death.

As the Rice Diet lowers blood pressure, it lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood sugar, uric acid, weight and heart size while causing an increased sense of well being. Most patients respond almost immediately to the Diet.

A dramatic example of the effectiveness of the Rice Diet was seen in a 49-year-old man who came with a five-year history of hypertension. His pressure was 181/112 on 100 mg. of Tenormin and 20 mg. of Vasotec each day. He was troubled by sexual dysfunction. In sixteen days, he lost 14 pounds (256 to 242), all medicines were stopped and his blood pressure was 119/85. Sexual function returned to normal.

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Bill and I have maintained 50 and 25 pound weight losses, respectively. We have cut back and eliminated several medications. Specifically, Bill has cut his insulin down to 15 units compared to the 70 he was taking per day before coming to the Rice Diet Program.

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