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Coronary Artery Disease and Its Risk Factors

Diet and lifestyle modifications are emerging as the definitive treatment for coronary artery disease. The Rice Diet relieves the symptoms of coronary artery disease, angina pectoris and congestive heart failure, usually making drugs unnecessary.

The beneficial effects of the Diet on the risk factors that cause coronary artery disease, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes and obesity have been repeatedly documented. Research has shown that lowering the cholesterol with diet or medication can lower the death rate from vascular disease. More recently, several studies have shown that lowering the cholesterol can enhance regression of coronary artery blockages. And, finally, more than 50 years after Dr. Walter Kempner developed the Rice Diet, there is proof that blockages in blood vessels can be reversed with a low fat diet. The Rice Diet was the first effective treatment for high cholesterol. It lowers the cholesterol significantly in 86% of patients. Reversal of coronary artery disease probably requires cholesterol of 160 or less.

One man who had had an angioplasty came with cholesterol level of 400 and triglyceride level of 2336. He weighted 221 pounds. After one week on the Basic Rice Diet, he had lost 9 pounds, his cholesterol was 290 and his triglycerides were 790. He went home on the vegetarian phase of the Diet and returned 19 days later with a weight of 201, a cholesterol of 158 and triglycerides of 288. Although the cholesterol usually falls most markedly in the first month of treatment, it may take some time to see the full beneficial effect of the Diet. The cholesterol of a patient with diabetes fell from 312 to 195 in the first month on the Diet, but reached a low of 159 only after seven months.

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Success Stories Susan's Grateful, Healthy Heart

"....after barely surviving after a heart attack in doctors in Chicago were relentless to help me get better. They tried an angioplasty and stents. In February 1997, an angiogram revealed that the blockage in my arteries had returned, which the doctors assured me was not uncommon. How common was it I wondered when a 50-year old woman is rushed to surgery 10 minutes later for double heart bypass?

That was 12 years ago. I truly believe that the Rice Diet is responsible for where I am today - alive!"

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The Rice Diet was originally and remains an extremely effective treatment for high blood pressure. On the Diet, most patients can completely stop their anti-hypertensive medication while maintaining the same or better control of their blood pressures. In just four weeks, 61% of patients with hypertension stopped all blood pressure medications and an additional 16% decreased their medications; the average blood pressure fell from 149/88 to 132/80.

A 65-year-old man with hypertension and angina was taking on three medications but still had angina. The medications were causing sexual dysfunction. In just 17 days, he lost 18 pounds, was off all medications, his sexual function had returned to normal and he walked four miles a day without chest pain. His blood pressure was normal and his cholesterol fell from 220 to 161.

In just four weeks, 49% of patients with diabetes were able to discontinue their medication (38% of those taking insulin and 80% of those taking oral agents). The average fasting blood sugar fell from 202 to 133.

A 54-year-old man with diabetes had had a coronary artery bypass eleven years previously but had developed recurrent angina. Despite taking 80 units of insulin a day, his fasting blood sugar was 182. His blood pressure was 168/80 on three medications. His cholesterol was 237. In less than four weeks, he was walking four miles a day with no angina. His blood sugar was 102 without insulin or other diabetes medication, his blood pressure was 130/80 with a minimal dose of a single medication, and his cholesterol was 208. He lost 28 pounds in five weeks. After losing another 30 pounds at home, his blood pressure was normal without medication and his cholesterol was 129.

With the Rice Diet, coronary artery disease and its risk factors can be treated without unpleasant side effects.

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