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Congratulations! You are one step closer to better health. Making the commitment to do something about your health is step one. Whether you can come to Durham or not, The Rice Diet Program can help you.

This web site contains testimonials from some of the thousands of people that have benefited by participating in the program here in Durham. But there are also those who have had success with the Rice Diet working with their doctor and using resources like our books and online community forum.

Please take a minute to tell us a little more about yourself and your goals. We're happy to email you some additional information about the Rice Diet that will be helpful plus send you our monthly newsletters filled with inspiration stories, recipes and more.

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Success Stories From 407 lbs to 267 lbs

"At 407 lbs., I had become really depressed and was really in a bad place mentally. My father came to visit me before the spring semester of my sophomore year, and he told me (again) that he was very concerned about my weight. He said he could also tell that I was very unhappy. At dinner, he made me an offer to allow me to drop out of school and he would pay for me to go anywhere in the world to get help with losing the weight. I had heard about the Rice Diet from an old strength coach at SMU, and so that is the place I picked....

(Now) I don't take any medications and I went from 407 to 267 lbs."

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Live Webcast Reversing Diabetes: Power of Lifestyle Choices

Wed., July 13 at 6 p.m. EDT

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To be successful with any long-term lifestyle change you need a healthy diet that's easy to follow, exercise and a strong support system.

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