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Rice Diet Renewal by Kitty Gurkin Rosati

My heart is filled with gratitude to the many Ricers who contributed healing testimonials that will inspire others to reclaim their desired weight, health and other passionate pursuits in their lives. May you benefit from the following complimentary offerings from The Rice Diet Renewal that support this multi-sensory experience, truly a healing 30-day program for lasting weight loss. Continue to check in for more inspirational gifts to encourage and sustain your success.

Best in Health,

Rice Diet Renewal is available in stores now and available on Amazon's Kindle. Pick up your copy today or click here to order from The Rice Diet Store.

"A friend told me about the Rice Diet and I got your book. I was really impressed with the small emphasis on the "diet" and the large emphasis on the "changing your life." I began the Rice Dieta. After only a few days, once the salt, sugar, and refined carbs were out of my system, the cravings went away. Being a definite food addict, I know that abstinence from those things is the only way to eliminate craving. Then, as I matured spiritually, I realized that it was no longer okay to have twenty years of sobriety and keep eating while I was celebrating all that recovery. I have become so "aware" since starting this way of life. I feel feelings. I act honestly. I share with others. I thank God for this way of life. I am responsible. It is a choice. And I have never felt better. I am giving myself a chance to live. To grow. To be a part of life. And I owe all of it to the Rice Dieta. It has taught me much, much more than how to lose weight."

- This testimonial was posted earlier this year to the online community by someone who, without even attending the Rice Diet Program experienced her awakening by reading Kitty's previous book, The Rice Diet Solution.

Here are some excerpts:

Sample Chapter
Food Journal
Chart Your Weight / Blood Pressure
Genetically Engineered Food Supplement for Chapter 6
Excerpt from The Rice Diet's Journal For Health: Food Group Allowances
Fall Grocery List
Winter Grocery List
Spring Grocery List
Summer Grocery List

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The duet Little Windows’ new audio recording Healing at the Roots ~ Songs of Renewal, is a companion CD for the new book.

The duet Little Windows’ new audio recording Healing at the Roots ~ Songs of Renewal, is a companion CD for the new book The Rice Diet Renewal.  As the duet Little Windows, Mark and Julee Glaub Weems create a mesmerizing, eclectic and acoustic blend of traditional Irish, Scottish, Appalachian, Country, Sacred, and Original Song. They are known especially for their beautiful and delicate harmony blends.  They perform together nationally and abroad and teach traditional singing and playing at music camps all over the country. Their music has been featured recently on the NPR’s programs Thistle and Shamrock and The State of Things as well as in the soundtrack of Todd Johnson’s new HarperCollins audio-novel “The Sweet By and By”.

They believe that beyond its entertainment value, music has a much deeper potential. They have always been interested in the spiritual qualities of traditional music and song and have witnessed on many occasions its power to heal the hearts, minds, and souls of people. On this record, they have fully explored some of this hidden potential.  This is not “hop around” music.  It is music to reflect and meditate upon, create art to, read a good book to, or take some rare quiet moments with.  It includes ancient Irish prayer songs, unaccompanied songs, an old English poem turned into song, hymns from America, an African American gospel song, and a unique take on everybody’s favorite - Amazing Grace.  It also manages to blend this traditional material with newer songs by Franciscan troubadour John Michael Talbot, Carl Jones, Michael Kelly Blanchard, and Mark and Julee themselves.  Instrumentation includes: guitar, fiddle, banjo, flute, piano, organ, harmonium, and mountain dulcimer.

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To be successful with any long-term lifestyle change you need a healthy diet that's easy to follow, exercise and a strong support system.

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