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Tools for Developing Healthy Habits

Coping with Emotional Eating
Do you ever feel obsessed with the desire to eat, even when you've eaten just a few hours previously? Do you ever feel a of loss of control while eating, or ask yourself "Why am I eating? I'm not even hungry!"

Diminishing the Dining-Out Dilemma
Although many people on a low-fat, low-sodium, and low-sugar diet think that dining away from home is inevitably a hopeless situation, it does not have to be.

Setting the Stage for Success
Creating a home environment that supports your efforts can dramatically improve your chances of success.

Learning to Accept Your Body
By Dr. Stephanie Nilsen
Weight loss alone does not guarantee an improved body image.

Exercise Rx from the Rice House
Enjoy one daily hour of walking and it will help you enjoy your life! Guaranteed!

Live Webcast Research That Speaks to the Heart of Health

Wednesday, June 1 @ 6 p.m.

Ready to focus on you?

To be successful with any long-term lifestyle change you need a healthy diet that's easy to follow, exercise and a strong support system.

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