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Books About The Rice Diet

The Rice Diet Renewal, by NY Times bestselling author Kitty Gurkin Rosati, explores the importance of “healing at the roots” for sustainable weight loss and an actualized life. Only the Rice Diet Program can boast that 43 percent of its participants have reported maintaining or losing more weight after six years back home. This book captures our programmatic opportunity for success by leading you with multi-sensory daily steps on a journey into a deeper and more conscious look at yourself and your food.

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Heal Your Heart outlines how to prevent and reverse heart disease risk factors like over weight, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. This user-friendly how-to manual is a "going home guide" with recipes, menus, and tips on achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. It will help transform the health-promoting power of the Rice Diet into a successful program for your use at home.

The Rice Diet Solution Explains how the program works integrating nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga and jounalizing; Inspires with participant testimonials that describe how the physical, emotional, and spiritual program has changed the way they live and given them new vitality, energy and longevity; Helps you examine root causes of health issues and empowers you to create the life you really desire; and Includes more than a hundred recipes to inspire results.

The Rice Diet Cookbook has 150 easy Rice Diet recipes that originate from the whole Rice Diet community --participants (from the clinic and the web-Forum), Rice Diet staff and friends, cooking school, and the Rice Diet kitchen.



Walter Kempner and the Rice Diet: Challenging Conventional Wisdom: In 1934, a brilliant young scientist, Walter Kempner (1903-1997), was brought as a refugee from Nazi Germany to join the faculty of Duke Hospital's department of medicine. The first AMA presentation, in 1944, of his unconventional research in the origins and treatment of metabolic diseases provoked wide attention and considerable controversy, but the results of his strict diet regimen were undeniable. Patients flocking to Durham for the famous Rice Diet found their diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular diseases -- once considered fatal -- cured or greatly improved. The headline-grabbing success of Dr. Kempner's diet contributed significantly over the years to Durham's economic growth and Duke's transformation into a world-famous center for medical research and care.

From his arrival at Duke, Kempner worked to help friends get out of Germany. For several who had been scholars in pre-war Germany he found positions here. They and a few others associated with the Rice Diet became a close-knit community in exile around the central figure of Dr. Kempner.

One, author Barbara Newborg, worked with him for 40 years, much of that time as his chief medical associate. This first-hand account of Kempner's life and of his work comprises two dramatic interrelated narratives. The story of a charismatic but always controversial personality and his circle of accomplished followers, and their wartime experience as refugees and exiles, will interest general readers, including thousands of "Ricers." For medical professionals and scholars, the book documents historic research that elucidated underlying principles of kidney, diabetic and cardiovascular disorders, and their successful treatment without drugs.

The book includes many rare personal photographs (which Kempner suppressed during his life) and clinical images including graphs, x-rays, eye-grounds, and photos.

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