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Three meals are served each day at the Rice House. The medical staff of doctors, dietitians, and nurses will supervise your transition from Phase I to Phase II.

Phase I
Phase I is considered our "detox" food plan, and consists of whole grains and fruits. Due to the dramatically reduced sodium content, most participants experience an impressive decrease in both food cravings and overall appetite. We recommend that you stay on Phase I as long as you like, preferably at least half the time of your stay. Participants following Phase I here are safe to do so at length since they undergo daily medical supervision to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and electrolyte balance when indicated; but, this phase should not be attempted at home for more than one day per week. Participants often use Phase I like they would a 'fast'; it offers a physical cleansing, as well as an exercise in mindfulness and conscious consumption.

Phase II
Phase II incorporates choices of vegetables, beans and other carbohydrates, in addition to whole grains and fruit. While there is little difference in calories between the two phases, Phase II is higher in sodium due to the addition of vegetables. Fish is also served once per week.

The program is simple, easy to prepare and can be obtained throughout the world.

Before starting the Rice Diet at home it is recommended that you consult your physician and let him know this diet is very low in sodium. Discussing this with your doctor is essential if you are on any medication, as these will often need to be reduced or eliminated. Please read The Rice Diet Solution or The Rice Diet Cookbook, which you can obtain at, any bookstore, or check out in your local library.

The Rice Diet recommended food plan for home use needs slightly higher sodium intakes to be safe. It is very important to limit your Basic Rice Diet day of only grains and fruit, the detox diet, to one day per week. Participants here at the program are safe eating the detox diet longer due to our daily medical assessments and experience with the diet.

We recommend a vegetarian food plan until you reach your goals, either here or at home. I As The Rice Diet Solution describes, it is important to incorporate some choices slightly higher in sodium (nonfat dairy products, regular breads or cereals) to make this program safe for home use.

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Success Stories Susan's Grateful, Healthy Heart

"....after barely surviving after a heart attack in doctors in Chicago were relentless to help me get better. They tried an angioplasty and stents. In February 1997, an angiogram revealed that the blockage in my arteries had returned, which the doctors assured me was not uncommon. How common was it I wondered when a 50-year old woman is rushed to surgery 10 minutes later for double heart bypass?

That was 12 years ago. I truly believe that the Rice Diet is responsible for where I am today - alive!"

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Live Webcast Reversing Diabetes: Power of Lifestyle Choices

Wed., July 13 at 6 p.m. EDT

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To be successful with any long-term lifestyle change you need a healthy diet that's easy to follow, exercise and a strong support system.

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