The Rice Diet Program was originated by Dr. Walter Kempner in 1939 at Duke University Medical Center for the treatment of high blood pressure and kidney disease.Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) was soon found to be effective in the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris, heart failure, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and obesity.

Throughout the years many thousands of readers have been inspired to prevent and reverse their obesity and other chronic diseases by following the guidance from the books shown below, under the supervision of their doctors. You can find them at your local library, bookstore or online.

Heal Your Heart: the New Rice Diet Program for Reversing Heart Disease through Nutrition, Exercise and Spiritual Renewal. John Wiley and Sons (1997) by Kitty Gurkin Rosati
The Rice Diet Solution. Simon and Schuster (2005). Berkley trade paperback edition (2007) by Kitty Gurkin Rosati and Robert Rosati, MD
The Rice Diet Cookbook. Simon and Schuster (2007) by Kitty Gurkin Rosati
The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing 30-day Program for Lasting Weight Loss. Wiley (2010) by Kitty Gurkin Rosati

While the Rice Diet Program closed its day-to-day operations in North Carolina November 2012, Dr. Rosati and Kitty Rosati, Directors of the Rice Diet Program and co-authors of the New York Times bestselling The Rice Diet Solution, conduct retreats and are available for lectures; please send your requests to

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